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Acquisition searches and due diligence

Acquisitions and strategic partnerships can allow quantum leaps in the development and growth of a business. We work with you through all or selected steps in deciding whether or not to make the acquisition.

Acquisitions succeed or fail for a complex combination of factors. Although it is impossible to guarantee results, providing correct and timely strategy inputs and business intelligence can increase the chances of success. 

Our Acquisition searches and Due diligence services include:

Acquisition/partnership criteria development
We work with you to define pragmatic criteria for identifying candidates and assessing the attractiveness of potential targets, and most importantly, ensuring their fit with your strategy.

Sector evaluation and screening
If acquisition is the means to diversify into new markets and/or expand into new geographies, we provide the requisite sector evaluation. We then screen prospects and identify potential candidates for acquisition or other form of strategic alliance. 

Detailed analysis and assessment
Target acquisition prospects are analysed in-depth, including their business strategies, organizational structure, products and services, manufacturing and marketing capabilities, sales performance, competitive position, market image, management and other human resources, financial position and resources, and likely availability.
Based on our assessment of the target company and the current business environment, we provide an estimation of the value of the company.  
We work with private equity groups in identifying potential investment opportunities and in carrying out due diligence on existing investment proposals.

TCI has undertaken numerous acquisition searches and due diligence assignments, our recommendations for or against have helped businesses to make the right choice under extreme pressures: time as well as conflicting internal views.  We will be pleased to review our capabilities and discuss your specific needs with you.