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Automotive and transportation

Although TCI Consulting’s experience is concentrated in the automotive sector it encompasses the entire transportation spectrum:

  • Military aircraft
  • Civil aircraft
  • Microlights
  • Rail
  • People movers
  • Automotive
  • Off-highway vehicles
  • Bicycles

The types of services we offer in this sector include new technology assessment, competitive intelligence and benchmarking, and global market assessments -- automotive and aircraft programmes are increasingly global in nature.

The breadth of our experience can be judged from the following brief examples of assignments in this sector:

  • A capabilities driven diversification assessment for a European automotive components suppliers seeking to enter the aerospace market;
  • Assessment of potential European and US bolt-on acquisition candidates for a Tier Two components supplier, that subsequently resulted in a $350 million purchase;
  • Global due diligence assessment of a manufacturer of a novel design of ultra light aircraft on behalf of a financial investor;
  • Assessment of future technological trends in motion control in off-highway vehicles, encompassing agricultural equipment, construction machinery, mining equipment, vocational trucks, etc;
  • European entry assessment and acquisition candidate identification of the vehicle extended warranty market;
  • Analysis of potential opportunities in the German car replacement tyre market;
  • Global technological assessment of trends in vehicle automatic crash avoidance systems.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and our relevant product, technology and industry expertise.

Case Study

A European manufacturer of integrated circuits had developed a novel product combining engine control and electronic dashboard functions in a single unit, and was seeking potential market opportunities

TCI analysed the market for short run applications, outside of the main automotive market, such as motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, marine, etc, where the limitations of being a smaller supplier could be turned into an advantage of superior service

TCI identified a potential partner for the client that could provide market access and recommended specific end use applications and clients for initial focus