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Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking

Sound and timely competitive intelligence is increasingly a critical input for strategic planning for companies operating in mature markets, as well as those building a business in a dynamic and growing market segment. We complement your knowledge of competitors by developing the understanding and insights, which can only be derived through extensive field research and analysis.

Benchmarking is a powerful tool for assessing performance, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, developing solutions.  We work with you to develop the business intelligence on companies against which you are benchmarking, and recast the findings into a format consistent with your business.

Our Competitive intelligence and Benchmarking services include:

In-depth analysis of competitors
Depending on your strategic competitive intelligence needs, we can develop in-depth qualitative and quantitative assessments of your competitors' business and operations, including strategies, tactics, financials, organization, sales, manufacturing capabilities and costs, human resources, R&D capabilities, image, ... We assess the competitor's strengths and weaknesses, as well as likely future proactive and defensive actions.

We work with you to develop competitive and otherwise difficult to obtain information on your competitors and best-in-class companies.  We analyse the target businesses' diverse structures and reporting formats and recast them into the format used by your business. We develop, together with you, meaningful and effective benchmarks for your business.

Development of competitive strategies
We assist you in developing effective competitive strategies; competitive intelligence and benchmarking efforts provide critical strategy inputs.

TCI has undertaken competitive intelligence and benchmarking assignments covering diverse companies and businesses, in each case providing a deeper understanding of the business environment to our client resulting in short-term tactical advantages as well as long-term strategic gains.  We will be pleased to review our capabilities and discuss your specific needs with you.