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Chemicals and polymers

TCI Consulting provides a range of proprietary strategic services to the global chemicals industry. With our global presence, we consult across all sectors of the industry –basic, fine and specialty – and, in all geographies, for the leading companies. Among the key services we provide are competitive intelligence and benchmarking; global market assessments; identification and screening of merger and acquisition candidates; and due diligence assessments of target companies.

Increasingly, TCI's consulting work in chemicals is focused on the Asia Pacific region, where the rapid development and globalization of China's chemicals industry are posing severe threats to the European and North American markets of many leading western chemical companies. Through our regional presence, we are able to provide clients the strategic competitive insights (manufacturing costs, sales and marketing organizations, research and development capabilities, etc.) they require to meet the competitive threats emanating from the region.

In the global polymers industry, TCI brings a wealth of experience to its clients from a staff that has worked for leading global companies in both the engineering/ high–performance plastics and commodity plastics businesses. We work on a proprietary basis with many of the global leaders and provide them strategic competitive insights on both competitive polymers and companies. These could include detailed competitive manufacturing cost analysis; benchmarking of internal sales and marketing, administration, R&D, and other costs; development of market entry strategies; and identification and critical assessment of attractive acquisition candidates.

As with chemicals, the Asia Pacific region is the most dynamic for the industry with substantial investments in new polymer capacity underway, particularly in China. Given our regional presence, TCI is well positioned to assist clients in either formulating or implementing their Asian polymer strategy, be it grass roots investment (either alone or via a partner); acquisition; technology acquisition; or distribution.  

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and our relevant product, technology and industry expertise.

TCI covers chemicals and polymers used in a broad spectrum of industries:

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Case Study

A major global supplier of a range of chemicals used in the construction sector had a limited presence in the Chinese market, despite a huge perceived market potential for the products. The client wished to expand its market share in the short term and develop a successful marketing strategy for the medium and long term

TCI conducted in-depth interviews with both local and foreign market participants, and with government and other market influencers. The resulting objective market assessment described the market dynamics, segmented the market and profiled key competitors, customer groups and influencers. The market potential was revised and forecast by market segment; medium and longer-term scenarios were developed

In the short term, the client revised its product offering, target market segments and marketing activities. The deeper understanding of the Chinese market resulted in significant changes to the company’s objectives in China. A flexible strategic approach was adopted to minimize the risks and to become a leading player in a developing, profitable market