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Communications and Electronics


TCI Consulting's expertise in communications is primarily in assessing the significance of market and technological trends and their impact on components and equipment. We have experience of markets across Europe in switching equipment, base stations and handsets, as well as in newer communication devices such as PDAs and handheld computers.

In addition, however, we have helped clients such as BT and NTT develop a more thorough understanding of overseas markets, the requirements of business customers or the activities of competitors.


Our experience in the electronics markets is extremely broad, and at multiple levels, which ensures a deep understanding of technology constraints to all our assignments. We have worked in a wide variety of markets, such as the following:

  • Chemicals and other materials used in making PCBs
  • Integrated circuits and other components
  • Assembly and test equipment
  • Connectors, cable and other interconnection products
  • Enclosures and panels
  • PCs, printers and other peripherals, etc

As with many industrial markets, the Asia Pacific region has become the most important manufacturing source for many product areas, and TCI is well placed to assist clients in developing an Asian strategy or identifying potential local manufacturing partners.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and our relevant product, technology and industry expertise.