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Food and ingredients

TCI Consulting provides a range of proprietary strategic services to the Food and Ingredients industries. Our emphasis is in the processed food sector, and it encompasses the complete range of activities including processing machinery and packaging. Among the key services we provide are market and technology assessment; identification and screening of merger and acquisition candidates; competitive intelligence and benchmarking; and due diligence assessments of target companies.  

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and our relevant product, technology and industry expertise.

Case Study

A global food ingredients manufacturer had been given the opportunity to purchase a new secret process for making microwaveable coated food products, such as chicken nuggets or battered vegetables, long considered “the Holy Grail” of fast food

TCI undertook a series of structured interviews with catering managers across all potential end use markets, to assess the size of the potential opportunity and the likely premium that such products could sustain, in the course of which it became apparent that the size of the potential opportunity would be extremely high

Despite the attractiveness of the market, TCI’s discussions also unearthed some uncertainties as to the viability of the process itself, and developed a series of key technical questions for the client to address to the potential seller. Subsequent investigations of these issues by the client did not receive adequate answers and the $1 million investment was not made