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We have carried out numerous projects in complex situations,answering questions such as the following:

  • We are considering a new product. What is the market opportunity?
    The simplicity of the question does not reflect the difficulty and importance of the assignment! Major investments (past, present and future) may be at stake, sometimes even the future of the business itself.
  • Are we cost competitive?
    Markets are tough and cost pressures intensifying. Understanding competitors' cost positions and their strategic advantages are crucial. Competitive analysis and benchmarking assignments require special skills and approaches.
  • Shall we acquire the target business?
    Businesses overtly for sale are frequently accompanied by biased profiles; others, which are not overtly for sale may represent significant opportunities. In both cases, objective due diligence is critical to understand the state of the business, its resources, strengths and capabilities, problems and vulnerabilities, and its fit with the buyer's business.
  • Why is my competitor outsourcing?
    Outsourcing is increasingly part of business strategy, but is it the result of a change in strategy or to solve a problem?

…the questions are endless. TCI applies its rigorous, fact-based approach to provide answers and underlying insights to our clients.

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