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Metal and minerals

TCI Consulting provides a range of proprietary strategic services to the global metals, minerals and inorganic chemicals producers and processors. With our global presence, we consult throughout the whole value chain, involving raw material producers, upgraders/processors, marketers and users, which may be in different continents, and facing different issues.

At the raw material suppliers level the key issues are typically related to processing and transportation costs. We undertake detailed cost assessments and benchmarking studies for existing and potential suppliers and marketers.  

We assist clients to assess end-use market opportunities in diverse industries such as automotive, paints and coatings, detergents, cosmetics and toiletries, construction, electrical, electronics and telecommunications, amongst others.  

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and our relevant product, technology and industry expertise.

Case Study

A leading producer and global marketer of mineral based products for food and non-food applications wished to expand its markets and production capabilities. The company, faced with an acquisition opportunity, needed to decide whether to participate in the bidding for a producer of phosphate based products, blends and formulated products

Within two weeks, TCI conducted an independent analysis and assessment of the company’s market positions in food (dairy, processed cheese, processed meat), chemical intermediates (mainly detergents), oral hygiene and selected other non-food applications; mid to long-term prospects for these markets; company’s manufacturing assets and capabilities

TCI’s findings provided the client a deeper understanding of the company, highlighting some of the weaknesses and problems not addressed in the sale prospectus. The client decided not to pursue this opportunity. The company was purchased by a strategic buyer at a value significantly above that considered justified by our client