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New market entry

Entering new markets is a necessity for most companies to grow and prosper in the rapidly globalizing marketplace. Developing crucial business intelligence often involves working in an unknown geographic and/or industrial environment. Typically, macro-economic, cultural, target market and competitive information need to be developed, analyzed and assessed, and a realistic business case has to be created quickly.

We assist companies in the formulation of new market entry strategies by:

  • Developing relevant macro-economic information on regional and country markets;
  • Assessing the target market and its prospects;
  • Analysing future technological and commercial threats;
  • Evaluating the existing supply situation and competitive environment; 
  • Identifying and evaluating opportunities/prospects for a new supplier.

Our core strengths are:

  • Functional skills: market research, competitive intelligence, acquisition searches and evaluations, customer intelligence, etc.;
  • Geographic capabilities: access to business intelligence worldwide, as well as understanding of business practices and environment in individual countries;
  • Knowledge and understanding of diverse industries and markets.

Our contribution has assisted specific companies to successfully enter new markets and has helped others to avoid costly mistakes. We will be pleased to review our capabilities and discuss your needs.