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TCI Consulting has extensive expertise in the highly diffuse and complex $460 billion+ global packaging industry. Our particular strengths are concentrated in the largest end markets for packaging products: the food industry which accounts for some 40% of the total market and the beverage market that takes another 18%. Plastics, particularly polyesters (PET and its copolymers such as PETG); polyolefins (polypropylene and specialty polyethylenes); and styrenics continue to encroach on the traditional packaging materials, glass and metal, in these core markets.

We provide such key services as global market assessments, including intermaterial competitive positioning; competitive intelligence and benchmarking; acquisition screenings; and due diligence assessments of target companies.

As the Asian packaging market is forecast to experience significant growth in the coming years, particularly China which is forecast to grow some 8%+ annually in the near term and India where the market will almost double in five years, our research capabilities and experience in the region provide us an excellent platform to meet our clients specific.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and our relevant product, technology and industry expertise.  

Case Study

A European private equity group was considering investing in a manufacturer of meat processing equipment and food trays

TCI carried out a series of interviews across Europe and the USA with customers and competitors to assess the image of the target in the market and to validate management’s growth forecasts

With the exception of one small business area, the target company was found to have a very strong market image, while management’s forecasts for future sales appeared to have some scope for upside potential