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Regional Development

Companies increasingly are looking to capitalise on global opportunities, both in expanding to global markets and fighting the continual downward pressure on costs. One consequence has been the rapid growth in “offshoring” with companies taking advantage of lower cost locations to undertake many of their activities, such as software development or back office functions, as well as establishing manufacturing and sales operations.

We help countries, or other economic regions, to develop strategies to increase the competitiveness of their region for companies considering inward investment by:

  • Developing a detailed understanding of the needs and expectations of potential investors;
  • Comparing the perceived strengths and limitations of the country/region with other alternatives available to investors;
  • Identifying areas for improvement;
  • Developing targeted marketing materials for future promotional campaigns.

Our strengths are based on:

  • Functional skills: market research, business intelligence, technology assessment, customer intelligence, etc;
  • Geographic capabilities: access to business intelligence worldwide, as well as an understanding of the business practices and environment in individual countries;
  • Knowledge and understanding of diverse industries and markets.

We have assisted regions in increasing their attractiveness to companies considering new locations. We will be pleased to review our capabilities and discuss your needs with you.