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Technology Searches and Assessments

The path from the lab to the marketplace can be treacherous and contain numerous pitfalls.  To correctly assess the commercial viability of a new technology or product can be critical for the success or even the survival of a business.

We work with business units and new ventures teams to test new product concepts in the marketplace, even at the earliest stages when no samples are available, and to define the commercial conditions which will be critical for success. We assist companies to understand the needs of a changing environment, such as that posed by e-commerce, new trade legislation, alternative energy sources, etc.

TCI provides the essential market intelligence, based on in-depth interviews with potential customers, distributors, and other participants in the business.  Based on a comprehensive understanding of the market's needs and the competitive situation, we help our clients to assess market acceptance for the product (or service) and identify modifications/improvements, when necessary.

TCI has undertaken new technology and new product assessments in many industrial markets.  We will be pleased to review our capabilities and discuss your specific needs with you.